image.jpegChicken salad

One-pint container of creamy chicken salad (contains pecans and/or walnuts).

5,000 colones

Cole slaw

Blend of shredded, raw cabbage and carrot with a sweet mayonnaise dressing. Great accompaniment with pulled pork (one pint).

2,000 colones

imageItalian pasta salad

A colorful, sweet and tangy pasta containing salami and/or pepperoni and black olives (one pint).

3,000 colones

image.jpegSouthern mustard potato salad

This classic salad (potato, onion, celery, eggs, pickle, and a bit of mayo and mustard) is good for any occasion (one pint).

2,000 colones

Tuna noodle salad

Packed with flavor, one bite of this salad will make you crrave more (one pint).

3,000 colones