What the Rain Brings

“”He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth,” 2 Samuel 23:4, NIV

faint double rainbow

faint double rainbow

Forecasters were in disagreement regarding today’s weather. Early morning winds supposedly were to keep humidity down and there was to be no rain. Locals keep saying, “It’s not going to last.” Our area isn’t supposed to be getting afternoon rains until the end of April. All I know is this is day 3 of afternoon rain, and it’s a blessing. It gets rid of the heat and brings in refreshing, cool air. Not to mention, the earth gets saturated with much-needed moisture.

Clouds began forming by mid-morning. Distant thunder made me hesitant to hang out the laundry.  But one thing you learn quickly here in Costa Rica is,  just because it looks like rain, that doesn’t mean much. There can be weeks without seeing sun, and still not a single drop falls.  The laundry was dry in the usual length of time, though, so after taking it in, I headed out to work in the garden. With shovel in hand, the first sprinkles began to fall. I ignored them and kept working in the cool. That’s when I heard the sound in the distance: rain pelting tree tops. It was coming like a wave. When the neighbor’s horses started whinnying, I knew it was almost  here. Making a mad dash, shovel still in hand, I made it to the back porch just in time! Drops were hitting the metal roof so hard, at first, I thought there was hail.

Steve came out of his office and joined me on the back porch to watch the rain. The birds sang loudly. Most of them kept hopping branch to branch, but then a few started flying erratically. We thought it was to get out of the hard rain. After going to the front yard to see if the gutters were working properly, that’s when we saw why the birds were acting so strangely. Thousands of tiny moths were emerging from the ground. The birds were feeding. Steve shot a brief video. You have to look at the sky closely to see the moths. It was an incredible experience. The rains have gone back to a sprinkle, but the birds are still singing, and feeding. I’ve got laundry to fold, and dinner to prepare. We’ll be feeding on Cobb salad shortly.

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2 comments on “What the Rain Brings
  1. Lynn says:

    Wow what a neat thing to witness!!! Awesome!

  2. Sam says:

    Amazing how life just started to spring forth from the ground! Cobb salad inside, and moth buffet outside!

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