Seedtime and Harvest

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” Genesis 8:22, NIV

this bunch thanks to Steve and a handy machete

this bunch thanks to Steve and a handy machete

Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter seem to coexist for me right now. The rainy season and planting for most crops begins in less than a month, so I have to get the garden ready (double digging by hand for the veggies). At the same time, bananas and plantains throughout the property are beginning to ripen. We’ve already harvested a few bunches. Many friends in the States are experiencing snow and winter-like conditions even though Spring has begun. At the same time, my friends and I here in Costa Rica are bemoaning the heat as summer is wrapping up.

It’s easy to want what you don’t have and take for granted what you do have. I’m not perfect; I do complain sometimes, but my desire is to make the most with what I’ve been given. Whether material or relational, I don’t want to look back and know I’ve wasted time on anything or anyone that doesn’t have eternal significance.

But for here and now, I’ve got to make the most of a bunch of bananas. I see a lot of banana crumb muffins in my future. And if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, stop by for un quequecito y cafécito ( a muffin and coffee). It won’t be a waste of time–yours or mine.

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