Hot Diggity Dog

We couldn’t be happier with our new home! It is a much older one, but the character is what we fell in love with. There are still a few kinks to be worked out. One of the bathrooms is without hot water. Light switches exist for things we have yet to discover. And we haven’t had time to build the kitchen and formal dining tables. For now our meals are either at the kitchen counter or the coffee table (an outdoor patio version that will have to work for indoor until we find or build one that will work better). But it’s home. Our home. And we love it.

Even the dogs are loving it. The outside that is. We let them sleep in the enclosed laundry area to keep them safe at night. Coyotes, howler monkeys, and the fer-de-lances (pit vipers) are just a few of the “known” things they could encounter in the dark. How many unknowns? They have enough trouble to get into during daylight hours that worries me.

So, here are some of the activities that they both enjoy. Since the heat has been intense these last few weeks, most of their time is spent just trying to find a cool, shady spot. Refilling their water bowls more often has become an added chore (not that I mind) as well as including an extra daily feeding. Their increased activity leaves them with voracious appetites.

Really, pup? That's gross!

Really, pup? That’s gross!

Spicy’s greatest enjoyment is to have iguanas to chase again. Both she and Sarge run around finding and digging in most of the holes located throughout the property. Sarge doesn’t have the patience, but Spicy will stand vigil (sometimes for hours) in anticipation of a sighting of her most beloved reptile. One afternoon Sarge spotted a medium-sized iguana sunning in a mango tree. Sarge climbed the tree (didn’t know dogs could do that). The iguana jumped down; Sarge in pursuit (more surprisingly, I didn’t know iguanas could “scream”). Spicy ran down into the field and they cornered him. In defense, he clamped down on her side. I thought she might come out bleeding. She was lucky this time. She has also been lucky with the dead Sapo (cane toad) she insisted on keeping close to her. Cane toads are poisonous and can kill small animals. No matter where I would hide or bury the dead toad, she would find it and bring it back up to the house. For fear of her getting sick, not to mention the smell, Steve finally had to put the carcass in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash.

Sarge could spend hours flushing countless birds from the many brush piles spread throughout the recently cleared field behind the Sarge leapshouse. He pounces like a baby deer or gazelle from pile to pile. One afternoon, while joining me for a walk down to the creek, he happened upon a flock of the most tiny purplish-colored birds. It was beautiful. I don’t know what they were, and we haven’t seen them since. The retriever/setter part of him definitely comes out.

Both of our dogs are rescue pets. Their “personalities” are so different, yet they compliment our family perfectly. We adopted Spicy within a few months of first moving to Costa Rica. Sarge joined us about a year later. And just like us, they are enjoying their new home.

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One comment on “Hot Diggity Dog
  1. Sam says:

    Your doggies complement your family so nicely. At least Spicy has stayed with the dried out Sapos so far!

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