Walk This Way

“Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship,
    for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord,” Psalm 89:15, NLT.

Worshiping the Lord shouldn’t be reserved just for Sundays. It can be done anywhere, anytime, and in a variety of different ways. Matt Redman put it so well, “”In the end, worship can never be a performance, something you’re pretending or putting on. It’s got to be an overflow of your heart….. Worship is about getting personal with God, drawing close to God.” I’ve heard many people, following a ladies retreat, youth camp, or mission trip make the statement, “I’ve never felt/been this close to God.” Why is that? It’s not necessarily the program you attended, the people you were with, or the place where you were at the time. Thank God for all those things. There’s no doubt He uses these to speak to and work in our hearts. But most likely this “closeness” had more to do with the fact that these opportunities allowed  you time to  stop “doing” and start “being.” You were able to lay aside the pretense and busyness of everyday life that distracted you from having time to be alone with God.

Have you noticed that your life seems richer when you make/take time to be with your spouse, kids, friends? It’s because you are more connected. You caring for others, others caring for you brings more significance to your life. It’s easy to let hours, days, even weeks go by with so little connectivity. Work, school, and even play can get in the way of our really “being” with the ones we so greatly love. It can happen with worship, too. We attend church and, before we know it, find ourselves “doing” the Christian walk. We aren’t truly connecting with God.

Gardening, singing, praying, reading, and even walking are some of the ways I find time to draw close to God. It’s how I can spend time with Him, worshiping. Some days and in some ways it’s easier to get more personal than others. I get easily distracted and lose focus on what I’m doing and why. Like in any relationship, changing your routine can sometimes make a huge difference. That’s tough if you’re someone like me–I hate change. But over the years, and especially being married to Steve, I’ve learned to embrace change and accept it more easily.

Steve and I have been enjoying late afternoon/early evening walks as much as our schedule allows. It’s been one way that we can work on being connected. We’ve had some amazing talks and seen some interesting things along our daily route. But change is coming. Since we are moving to a new home in a little less than three weeks, we’re going to have to come up with a new walking path. It’s similar to my walk with God. Change is inevitable. Sometimes I may not like it. But after the fact, I’m glad I “walked the way I did.” It’s because He was with me all the way.

I'm going to miss this mid-walk mountain view.

I’m going to miss this mid-walk mountain view.

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