Physical Education

students wear uniforms like this one for PE

Thursdays are great. What makes this so is the sound of laughter and camaraderie from elementary students. We live next to a soccer field. And directly behind our house and over one street is the Sabana Larga Elementary School. On Thursdays the children come in morning and afternoon shifts to the field for their PE class.

The early morning class contains the wee ones, kinder through first. Even though they are young, the teacher has great control. You will hear an occasional squeal but mostly giggles. The mid-morning class is the most rambunctious. It sounded like the teacher was having difficulty controlling them today. I heard a couple of “callates” (shut up) which I personally never permitted with my students or in my home with my own children. It wasn’t coming from the teacher, thankfully. This middle group enjoys the sound of their own voice. Most of their time is spent yelling and screaming. Finally, the older group just loves to have fun. They play hard. Sometimes a disagreement will break out, but it is quickly quelled because they don’t want to waste any of their time.

I have some awesome memories of PE class. Kick ball was a good standby in the younger grades. But I remember learning everything from team sports to ballroom dancing. There were some awkward times. I remember giggling, squealing, screaming, yelling (and even sadly), telling others to “shut up.” Mostly, it was just plain fun.

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