It’s a Jungle Out There

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6, NIV

Wake up call at 4 AM courtesy of the neighborhood roosters. Early morning toucans were croaking in the distant mist. Clouds and occasional sprinkles brought out chirps and cries from countless birds throughout the day. They were accompanied by the barks of numerous dogs ranging from yipping chihuahuas, a ferocious bulldog, even to the deep base-woof of the landlord’s bloodhound. Near sunset cued the return of the toucans. Darkness and dampness has brought out the shrillness of crickets.

There has been a whole lot of praising going on today, and will continue through tonight. I’m all for that. Sometimes I forget it’s a jungle out there.

I’m just having a little difficulty with an unidentifiable creature (lizard? frog? bird?) that gives three quick cheeps and repeats every three or four minutes. It’s a living thing. It just sounds too much like a phone, car, timer, or other warning alarm. The praising can keep on going without me, because it’s gonna be a earplug kinda night.

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