Rough Week

This has been a rough week. Monday, Labor Day, had us feeling disconnected. No picnics, no celebrations of any kind, and the heavy rain and all-day cloudiness didn’t help. To add to the misery, our washing machine broke. It didn’t really matter that much since nothing would have dried anyway with all the rain.

Tuesday came and the positive highlight was the beginning of David’s and Stephanie’s Senior and Sophomore years of home school/high school.  We were excited to get finished with the first day, and then the repairman showed up. The washer was fixed good as new, but by the time the repairman left, it was too late for Steve and I to go on our weekly scheduled date night. Even though it was a major disappointment, it was actually probably for the better, since we were afraid we may not have enough gas to go into town and get back home. There was a nationwide strike and many of the gas station were closed because they had no gas. We weren’t sure how long the strike would last. Later that evening, after attending Bible Study, the strike had ended, a tanker had just unloaded, and the gas station was reopened. We were able to refuel.

And then, of course, this morning (Wednesday, September 5) the 7.6 earthquake hit. Stephanie and I were sitting at the dining room table reviewing word etymology and Greek and Latin roots. We heard a strange noise, looked at each other, then felt the slight shaking. I told her to go outside. She went out into the backyard immediately. David was upstairs. By the time I made it to the base of the stairs, the shaking intensified. As I yelled out, he responded and we made it quickly outside. He and I could hear the rattling and the sounds of things falling and breaking.

While in the backyard, the shaking continued. I saw our neighbor Lourdes standing in the middle of her backyard. I called out, “Esta bien?” We met at the fence, and while we were talking, the shaking stopped but the ground continued to sway for a full twenty-thirty seconds. It felt like the ground was moving in waves. After everything began to quiet down, Lourdes told us to stay outside. She was going to turn on the radio to see if there was any news. As we made our way back to the center of the backyard, Stephanie and I reacted simultaneously, “WHOA” at the swaying lights hanging on the back patio. They continued to sway back and forth for several minutes.

Steve had gone into Santa Ana to run some ministry and personal errands, and I wanted to know if he was safe. After busy circuits and some tense moments, we were able to reach him. He had been driving and didn’t feel a thing! He was curious as to why so many people were standing outside of office buildings and stores. It made sense after my frantic call. His return home calmed our frayed nerves.

Our second day of home school was cut short. Candles, candlesticks, and items in the garage and pantry had all fallen off shelves, but nothing was broken. The mirror in the hall bathroom had fallen off the wall, but since the door had nearly closed in the shaking, it had become wedged and didn’t break. Several things upstairs were askew, toppled over, or shifted, but nothing broken.

I’ll be praying tonight for a more uneventful end of the week.

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