Bake Night

working to fill orders for pumpkin bread and doggy treats

My baking skills have greatly improved since moving to Costa Rica. Back in the States, my attempts to bake most often ended in frustration. Cookies were the worst! I’ve had a few cookie disasters here but those were due to getting used to new ovens and their temperature variations.

My conclusion is that it has to be the climate. It allows the yeast to proof extremely well. Some of my recent baking perfections (and family favorites) include chicken pie, pizza, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread and pie. A few things that need a little more practice to achieve consistent success are bagels, pita bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Although I haven’t altered these recipes, sometimes they produce yummy results; and at other times, they end up so-so.

Never did I think my baking would be good enough to bring about recommendations and requests to sell. There are more gringos besides my family that long for the taste of home that is often hard to find. Hence, my Saturday night was spent baking.

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2 comments on “Bake Night
  1. Lynn says:

    LOVE the little doggie treat picture!!

  2. Michelle Mae says:

    Wow, Angela! You have worked really hard at those recipes and done a lot of practice and learning. Congratulations on your success and on people sitting up and taking notice. That is very impressive–and such a great reward for your efforts. Kudos!

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