The Happy Song

Heavy rain on top of a tin roof makes for a restful night’s sleep. It’s just so comforting. Both my grandparents’ homes had tin roofs. The sound is a happy memory for me! It’s too bad that sometimes when storms or even minor rains come, we often allow the dreariness to take over and consume our lives. We become ineffective. Fortunately, it’s usually temporary. But, sadly, for some, it becomes a way of life. I don’t want to live defeated. I want to sing and dance my way through both the good and bad.

Church attendance was somewhat light today. I’m sure it had to do with last night’s rain and cooler temperatures. Although bad weather can affect attendance both here and in the US, there is a slight difference in the circumstances. About ninety percent of people that attend our church walk to get there. Keeping themselves and their small children out of the poor weather is oftentimes a must. I find that the opposite can be true in the States. Rainy Sundays can actually increase attendance. That’s because sports and other planned outdoor activities are no longer the priority. “There’s nothing better to do,” so to speak.

We sang La Cancion Feliz (The Happy Song) during part of the worship service this morning. I’ve shared the video and the translation (as close as I comprehend it) below.

The Happy Song

I could sing non-stop
What you did in me (my life)
Oh, God, I could dance forever
Because of Your great love.

My heart burns
With power to say
You saved me
And erased my past.
Lord, I want to shout
To everywhere
That if You are with me,
Who is against me?

Chorus: We are singing, we are happy, we are dancing, because we are free!

If we could look at You
And see your smiling face,
The angels would dance
Because Your joy is here.


It’s a little overcast this afternoon, and I don’t know if tomorrow will bring rain or sunshine. But one thing I do know, Lord willing, I want to sing and dance my way through whatever He may bring. So I hope you, too, can sing “The Happy Song,” and maybe even do “The Happy Dance.” We need to live free, because if you know Him, you are free, indeed!

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