A Peck of Pickled Peppers

Someone challenged me this week to get back to blogging. I have accepted the challenge and will try to be better at updates of life here in Costa Rica.

The best thing about today is it’s Friday–Market Day. Steve and I headed out early to the feria this morning and got all kinds of goodies. On the agenda, pickled peppers and beets. Since the tomatoes need a few more days to ripen, I’ll make the salsa later. Even though I won’t get to enjoy it. All attempts at overcoming my tomato allergy have yet to be successful.

The peppers aren’t quite a peck (about 2 gallons) either. After I chopped and prepped everything, it ended up being between 1/3 and 1/2 a peck. And I’ll probably only get about two jars of beets. But it’s been fun.

Growing up in North Carolina, I helped my mom can quite a few jars of tomatoes. They were wonderful during the winter months. A couple of my favorite dishes were macaroni and tomatoes and corn and tomatoes (with lots of salt and pepper). Two things I really miss here in Costa Rica: winter and tomatoes (the first, nonexistent/ the second, magnificently fresh).

The peppers won’t be ready to enjoy for a few more days, so I’ll just make do with a fresh salad and some steamed ears of corn (with lots of salt and butter).

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