Live and Let Live

Oh, must you keep coming back?

We’ve pretty much gone by a live and let live policy when it comes to unwanted critters. Back in Texas, just like here in Costa Rica, there were geckos that would roam freely about the house. That is, unless Sierra the Chihuahua got ahold of it. Spicy does the same thing–toys with it until the poor thing is rubbery and long gone. I’ve found a couple of small lizard-like skeletal remains on the sisal rug on the back patio.

All critters are made by God and have a purpose. So if it can at all be helped, I’ll leave them alone. But if they need help along their way, then I’ll do my part at helping as best as I know how (Steve has actually been my hero with this tarantula–the broom being the tool of choice).

However, when critters pose a threat, sometimes they just have to be dealt with in a different way. For example, we helped a nest of bees that kept relocating from one ceiling fan to another on the patio. Since there are Africanized bee colonies here, and the smoke wasn’t working, we gave in to the can of RAID.

This tarantula, even though relocated twice before, seems to be attracted to something near our front door. I think when it comes to this guy, who is nearly the size of my hand (the picture doesn’t do it justice [since that is the closest I dare to get]), I may change our “live and let live” policy to “three strikes, and you’re outta here.”

I’m hoping I don’t have any spider dreams tonight.

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One comment on “Live and Let Live
  1. Angela, I love reading about your CR adventures! I have goosebumps while reading this!! The size of your hand?! Surely there isn’t a purpose for a spider this big =)

    Many blessings to your family!! I pray for The Brook a lot! Hope all is well!

    Lizzy Johsnon

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