Don’t Text Me!

Just so you know, it’s not a good idea to text me. I don’t mind receiving texts so much, but it takes me forever to reply. For some reason, I’ve just never gotten good at it.

After moving to Costa Rica, I went a few months not using my cell phone at all. I’m trying to get back in the habit of using it, but life is so much simpler without one. If it’s really important, you can email me, send a facebook message; even better, just pick up the phone and call me (but not while you are driving!)

I just watched a 20/20 segment on texting while driving. Rave: it’s against the law to talk on your cellphone without a hands-free set here in Costa Rica. Yet, with people being the way they are, it still happens. But you see it a LOT less often. It is safer, and much less frustrating, because cars (and many motorcycles) pull over on the side of road during conversation/texting.

Last week, while back in Texas, I was amazed at the number of drivers that were going dangerously slow and/or weaving (on side streets, main roads, and major highways/tollroads). The most evident was the lag time at traffic lights. Sure, there is a lot of construction on Custer, Preston, and other locations. But it was quite annoying seeing so few cars get through a traffic light change. Here in Costa Rica, three times as many cars could have gotten through in the same amount of time.

It all about perspective. Is your conversation so important and life changing that you are willing to lose your life or take someone else’s in the process? I think not! Be safe and enjoy this holiday weekend. BE with the ones you love. If you have to call/text, do it from home.

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