Made New

bougainvillea on the backyard fence

The end of the dry season is upon us. The clouds grew this afternoon, loomed quite a while, a few drops fell, and nothing. This time of transition helps bring an end to the oppressive heat.

One good thing about the dry season, it has produced lovely blooms on the bougainvillea. Back in Texas, I would water like crazy, but my bougainvillea would inevitably give in to the heat/dryness or the frost. It was worth the try, however.

Here in Costa Rica, I have to do nothing. There are a couple of pots that I haven’t watered regularly, but with the rain soon returning, I still think they will make it without any help from me.

The bougainvillea remind me of the refining fire from Scripture. This type of fire purifies and brings out the best. Other types of fire ruin or devastate. Lately I’ve been annoyed by floating ash that enters the house and settles over everything. It’s particularly worrisome with the white/cream furniture. The ash is from the burning sugar cane fields. Burning the fields helps get rid of the abundance of dry leaves, snakes, and other harmful pests/creatures. But the roots and stems go unharmed. It’s ready for a new season.

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant native to Brazil. We have every color represented in our yard: orange, pink, purple, and red. It is evergreen in countries with year-round rain, and deciduous in areas with dry seasons. I’m not fond of the thorns (which can penetrate a cheap pair of flip flops just like a nail). I hobbled around for three days after stepping on a dried branch left behind after trimming.

When you get burned by life’s circumstances, are you left with the best and ready to start a new season? Or do you feel ruined and devastated? Either way, there is a new beginning that has to take place. There will be some amount of pain. It’s unavoidable. But it can help you grow. Leave behind the old (it’s okay to grieve if you must; but don’t remain trapped in the ashes), take up the new with joy,  and relish in the beauty that lies before you!

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