Steve, to the Rescue

another birdie saved?

This afternoon Steve came to the rescue of a collared redstart. It is a type of warbler that is found in the mountains of Costa Rica and western Panama.

I heard an “Oh, no!” from Steve. I went out the back sliding glass doors. It appeared the bird had been stunned from flying into the window. Spicy was standing over it. The bird’s head was bent at an odd angle, and it wasn’t moving. Its eye would blink occasionally.

Steve grabbed my garden gloves. As soon as he picked the bird up, it “came too,” and started screeching loudly. Steve released it, and it flew away–straight into the brick wall with a sickening thud.

Round two, Steve picked it up again, but lobbed it skyward. It flew off into the pasture behind our house. Not sure if  the bird survived. If we come across any wayward/missing cobras (most likely a fer-de-lance here), I think we’ll leave it be.

I really enjoy living here in Costa Rica; you never know what you’re going to come across. There’s always some small adventure that adds something a little unexpected to the day. Pura Vida!

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