Not One Is Forgotten

Today started out beautifully. After living in Costa Rica full time now for eight months, I heard a sound not yet heard–a bird chirping loudly with a little wharbling cluck at the end. It was gone before I could figure out what kind it was.

Shortly after, Steve and I enjoyed participating in morning devotions with the Matrix Ministry Team over at Hogar de Vida. Then Steve and I walked home together, planning on how to best carry out the days events. Unexpectedly, we found Morris was here in the backyard, and he had begun to clean the pool. He found a baby bird, alive, but cold and shivering.

The bird is now sleeping, wrapped in a blanket. Spicy whimpers every now and then as she slumps by the coffee table where the blanket is sitting. She sniffs, and continues on her way.

Some days are harder than others, we may be more tired, sick, depressed, discouraged. Like, Spicy, we know something is a little bit different than usual, but we’re not exactly sure what to do about it. Maybe in our struggle, God has already purposed and placed (in advance) someone in our path to scoop us up, give us a little nudge of encouragement, and send us on our way.

Will birdie make it? Not sure. But we’ve done the best we can, the rest is out of our hands. God knows. And that’s enough for me.

Whether today is the day for you to receive encouragement from others, or be the one to offer a positive word or hand to someone else, be obedient to give or humbly receive just what you need today. It will make a difference. You, and others, are valuable to God.

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies ? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God” (Luke 12:6, NIV).

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One comment on “Not One Is Forgotten
  1. […] two other things of note happened yesterday. We rescued a bird and a van–in one day! Angela blogged about the birdie on CRRAVE. As for the van, I took it in the morning to have a broken strut […]

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