Culture Stress or Just Exhaustion?

easy and yummy, just what I need!

Whether it is culture stress, exhaustion, or a little of both, our family will be having hot dogs with cole slaw and chocolate cake for supper. The weekend was really long with not much down time.

We were gone yesterday from about 8am to 9pm. We woke up to rain and it sprinkled off and on most of the day. We haven’t had any significant rainfall since November, so it was quite refreshing!

My brain was working on empty as we went to our next to last language training for this session. Even after a nap during the afternoon heat, a throbbing headache just would not go away.

Caffeine from lots of Diet Coke and a couple of Excedrin finally have me up and about. The sun has gone down and a cool breeze is blowing in from the back patio. The cake is cooling. Thank goodness there aren’t many dishes tonight!

After we’re done eating, I may watch a little tv with the family. I’m hoping a hot shower and some sleepy-time tea will help me get some great rest and be ready for a busy week. We’ve got some important meetings this week that will help determine some great things for future ministry.

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