Falling Out of Trees

I don’t plan on falling out of a tree any time soon. How about you? There are a couple of beautiful trees in bloom at the back of the meadow that is behind our backyard. In the early morning with the sun behind, and in the early evening with the sun going down, the blooms are an incredible sight!

forsythia bush like the one I had back in TX

The blooms remind me of early spring back in Texas. In my front yard, I had a bush that would bloom bright yellow; forsythia. It’s quite showy and is used in floral decorations throughout the South.

The trees here in Costa Rica are called kowhai. They originated in New Zealand but can be found throughout Central and South America. They are evergreens that flower here in Costa Rica during the dry season. Their bright yellow flowers are pollinated by insects and they attract everything from birds, to bats, and even monkeys.

There’s a little quip about monkeys, I can’t remember where I heard it, but it goes something like this:

There were 4 monkeys in a tree:

Why did the first monkey fall out of the tree? He died.
Why did the second monkey fall out of the tree? He was tied to the first.
Why did the third monkey fall out of the tree? He was hit by the first and second.
Why did the fourth monkey fall out of the tree? Peer pressure.

kowhai in bloom

Life is beautiful, just like the kowhai tree. But every part of the kowhai is poisonous. My desire is to stand firm and set my mind on things above, so I can live a life as vibrant as the flowers. Lord willing, I won’t get sidetracked and be tempted to fall for things that can so easily get me off track.

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