Not Always Bigger in Texas

Things aren’t always bigger in Texas. This grasshopper thingy (if that’s what it is) is a good example.

Stephanie and I went into downtown San Jose yesterday evening for my rehearsal for Steel Magnolias with the Little Theatre Group of Costa Rica. For a treat, we had dinner at Wendy’s. A huge wolf-like husky-looking dog was lying outside one of the entrances. Not wanting to disturb it, we went around to one of the other exits. That’s when we came across this huge insect.

Eeek! As long as my foot.

I yelled for Steph to snap a shot (her 365 photo for today). That’s my shoe to give you some perspective. After I’d already stuck my foot out, that’s when the thought hit me that this thing could crawl, hop, or take off in flight (in my direction!). I can’t help but think this must have been similar to the locusts Pharaoh and the Egyptians endured. Heebie-jeebies in full jolt, and picture captured, we continued on to the theatre.

Rehearsals are going great, publicity photo shoot tonight, and only one act/a couple of scenes left to make it through to preview and opening night. I’m getting in touch with my inner Truvy.

Best of all, Steve gets back home from the Big ‘Ole Lone Star State tonight. We have missed him–BIG TIME!

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