Seasonal Affective Disorder

neighbors using umbrellas for shade

Although never diagnosed, I strongly believe I am a sufferer of seasonal affective disorder. Every winter when living in both NC and Texas, I would go through a few weeks of serious mental funkiness.

The seemingly never-ending gray days, accompanied with the bone-numbing chill, would do a number on my brain (and my mind [just for you, sweetie]). There were some extreme cases of the ho-humees.

From mid-January to early March, my anxiety levels would shoot through the roof. It also didn’t help much being a school teacher, trapped inside with countless, restless students going through their own mental/physical anguish.

our version of 7-11

This winter is different. For me there is a serious mental disconnect. Today it is in the low 80s and there is sunlight galore. No melatonin issues or need for light therapy today. In fact, David and I encountered a few other people trying to get out of the blazing sun as we walked to the nearest convenience store (pulperia) for sodas and snacks.

The lack of energy and motivation I’m suffering from today has nearly everything to do with the physical (heat) and little to do with the mental (I’m really wanting my hubby to come home soon/safely).

clouds offer hope of rain

Again, the clouds are building today, so relief may be in store. If the rain doesn’t come, then the darkness will. And with it, the cooler temperatures (I feel a little like Elijah’s servant from 1 Kings 18, seeing a small cloud the size of a man’s hand).

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