Not Today, It’s Too Stinkin’ Hot!

In the US today, many are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Some have work and school, some don’t. We decided not to do school today. There are several reasons:

  1. We are still recovering from last week’s wonderful conference.
  2. Steve is back in Texas.
  3. We had been waiting for a guy to come start on our new roof today.
  4. Most importantly, it’s just too dang hot!

Decompressing after a long week is important so we can refresh and approach this upcoming week with zeal and be more successful in what lies ahead.

I never function very well when Steve is away from home. I miss him too much. He’s my best friend. I can still get things done, but some of the joy just seems to slip away. I’m thankful to have such amazing kids that are such a big help.

The dry season is in full swing here in Costa Rica. Many have warned that when it gets this hot and still, that’s when the earthquakes happen. That would be just about right since Steve was back in the States when we had the last one. I guess we’re due.

A guy was scheduled to come measure the roof for materials so we could have a new one put on. There has been a lot of damage from the rains. We got a call that said he couldn’t make it today. It’s probably a good thing, because the clouds are building in the distance. Hopefully we’ll get relief from the heat.

This is the first “winter” in my life that I will never have experienced temperatures below 60 degrees. Today my friends and family in Texas and NC are experiencing temps in the mid 40s and 50s. I don’t think I’m envious quite yet, but the heat is getting a little annoying. Seventy-eight degrees may sound wonderful to some right now, but when there is no air-conditioning in your home, it’s a little stiffling.

Sorry, girl. I just don't got it in me today.

Poor Spicy wanted to play fetch earlier. I just didn’t have it in me. Even she has decided, “Not today, it’s too stinkin’ hot!”

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One comment on “Not Today, It’s Too Stinkin’ Hot!
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