I want to be an example of His love.

Today at church, my pastor spoke with boldness. My desire is to speak with such boldness this year, and not have anyone offended or walk away in disgust. Pastor asked, “Do you love this church? If you love this church, stand up.” Most of the church stood up. A few elderly and those holding small children did not stand. What the pastor said next was convicting. Not for me, but wow! He said, “Some of you who just stood up, I haven’t seen you for two months, and you say you love this church?”

He also went on to say that if anyone was not involved in a small group or study, then how could they say they loved the church? It’s in the small groups that you get to love and be loved by others and grow. He let the church know that they were without excuse. There is a variety of small groups meeting nearly every day. And if the groups are too far away, the church is willing to create a group for those who need it.

Personally, my favorite is the English study on Tuesday nights led by a Jewish believer from New York. And I know I am going to enjoy the upcoming Wednesday nights beginning January 12. Stuart and Jill Briscoe will be there for the kick off with Rebecca Sehnert leading worship.

Besides the boldness, there was a particular song during worship that I enjoyed: Alaba a Adonai.

Quien como Él, Cordero y León                 Who is like him? Lamb and Lion
En el trono esta                                                 On this throne
Las montañas y el oceano                           The mountains and the ocean
Claman al Señor                                               Call upon the Lord

Alaba a Adonai, desde al amanecer       Praise Adonai from dawn
Hasta el atardecer                                          Until dusk
Alaba a Adonai,                                              Praise Adonai
Y que todo su creación                                And all of creation
Cada pueblo y nación                                  Every people and nation
Cante a Él                                                          Sing to Him

Love is more than a feeling; and without actions the words are meaningless.

This year I want to love and live boldly. I want my actions to match my words. And I want to Praise Adonai more!

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3 comments on “Boldness
  1. Lynn Chaffee says:

    Great post, Angela! Amen!

  2. […] shares the story in her blog entry called Boldness. Be sure to check it […]

  3. Robert Johnson says:


    You and Steve are living and loving boldly and I have been the grateful beneficiary of your loving hearts. Thank You!

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