Missed Family Tradition

Today was the first time in six years that we didn’t participate in a family tradition–Gringa Day. This tradition began six years ago to commemorate the arrival of six sisters from Costa Rica to the US through adoption.

The Lucas, Simpson, and Reece families grew larger that day, December 13, 2003. Each year, for the past six years, on this day we would get together to enjoy time as an extended family. Lots of laughter, a few birthdays, Christmas gift exchanges with the kids, and the sharing of both the joys and struggles of parenthood marked this special day.

Gringa Day 2010, minus the Lucas family:(

Our move to Costa Rica and circumstances in the lives of the two older sisters have prevented us from being together this Gringa Day. We may be separated by miles, but our hearts will forever be linked.

My heart is heavy with sadness that we can’t all be together: but my heart is also full of the hope of what marvelous things God has planned for the future. Love on your children, for the day comes when you have to let them go. But they have always been, and will forever continue to be a gift from God–one to be cherished. Flora and Carmen, I miss you. I love you. Reece family and Simpson family, I miss you. I love you. Happy Gringa Day!

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