No, No Thank You

Today I refused a traveling salesman. He was  peddling his wares–palm trees. I was expecting a mechanic who had promised to come by to pick up the Land Cruiser to do some needed repairs. The gate bell rang, and I went out to greet Mario. Instead, there was a salesman with his heavily-loaded pick up truck, filled with a variety of palm trees.

The trees were very similar to the ones already lining the front sidewalk. I guess he was hoping we needed some more. I greeted him and his partner. He asked if we needed any more plants for our yard. I gave a smile and a response, “No, no thank you.”  Smiles were given in return, and they headed on their way.

In the States, most often the door-to-door requests usually dealt with new windows, vinyl or aluminum siding, landscaping, and the all-time winner–home security systems. We’ve been approached a couple of times to update our security system, but in Costa Rica, the winner to date is hand-painted artwork in handmade wooden frames. We’ve seen the same paintings at least a half a dozen times. But, I guess like anywhere, a man’s got to earn a living.

Back to the palm trees. There is only one street into our neighborhood. We love that there is no thru traffic. Each time we enter and leave the neighborhood, we pass by a home with a beautifully-lit palm. The video doesn’t do it justice, but it has been the warmest thing to touch my heart and remind me that the Christmas season is upon us. No thanks to a truckload of palm trees. I’m thankful for now for just the one that brightens my day . . . and night.

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