Birthday Wishes for My Baby Girl

Today my daughter turns 14. I didn’t think it would be so emotional. It seems much more so than when she turned 13.

Maybe part of  the emotion has to do with my fear that she is “missing out” on something by being here in Costa Rica. Back in the US our birthday traditions were to have a family party on the actual birth date. We would have lunch or dinner at the restaurant of choice and receive gifts after our order was placed. Each of us would then tell the birthday guy/gal one thing that we liked the most about them. We would also have a friend party at another point in time.

father/daughter tradition

We are going to honor family tradition. The only difference this year is there will be no friend party. Only being here for four months, there aren’t enough close friends to merit a party. Hopefully that will be much different for Stephanie’s 15th.

Today the cumpleanera (birthday girl) has chosen to sleep late. She has also chosen not to go to school (adopted from my husband’s family traditions, not mine). Her wish is to go to Pizza Hut for her birthday lunch/dinner. In lieu of a friend party this year, we are going to celebrate at the Multiplaza (mall) in Escazu. I believe jean/shoe shopping is on the agenda as well. We just want to make her feel special today. She deserves it!

pink roses--perfect choice!

Finally, the first thing we took care of this morning was a tradition that Steve and Stephanie started when she was young. It is her birthday flowers. We took a trip to the local feria (farmer’s market). I hope she likes what Steve chose–pink roses. In floriography (the language of flowers) some of the meanings for pink roses are passion, grace, youth, joy of life, and energy. Very appropriate choice! Happy Birthday, mi preciosa!

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