Pumpkin, Oh, Schmumpkin!

making the pumpkin puree

Yes, things are definitely different here in Costa Rica this Thanksgiving Eve. I sure do miss MANY of the convenience foods from the States. We did take a trip this week to the AutoMercado for the imported US foods.

We managed to find some canned cranberry sauce, Stovetop stuffing, gravy, and a Butterball turkey. That was it. No Cool Whip, no ready made pie crusts, and many other things I’ve used in the past. I did see some Libby brand canned pumpkin a few weeks ago, thinking I should get some. Too late.

then the crust

So, this year I will whip the cream for the pie. I found two small pumpkins and began from scratch. I sure hope it tastes as good as it looks. I may be a little disappointed, but I’ll definitely be thankful.

I’m reminded every single day of the many things I took for granted when living in the US. I do love the people here, the climate is great, but the lack of convenience in many daily activities can sometimes be frustrating and occasionally overwhelming.

the final product

Every day I am grateful and overcome by the blessing it is to be here. So, tomorrow, as I eat my $60 turkey and homemade pumpkin pie, I will enjoy my family and all that God has blessed me with.

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3 comments on “Pumpkin, Oh, Schmumpkin!
  1. caterader says:

    Your turkey was really $60? If you start early, you could raise your own turkey for next year!

  2. Lynn Chaffee says:

    Cool! I make them from scratch every few years… that pumpkin looks a little different… let me know how it goes!!

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