Toad Is Driving the Dog Nuts

For several days and nights, the dog has been barking at something in the yard. I thought maybe the tabby cat was back for a visit. This morning, I found out what it was.

I went out to turn the compost pile and check on the herbs/veggies I had planted. Spicy was half-hidden in the bamboo hedge digging frantically. I went to investigate. “Spicy, why are you digging at that rock?” Upon closer examination, the rock sprouted eyes and came “walking” out from the hedge. At first the head and eyes were so huge I thought it was a ctenosaur (looks like an iguana, only grayish black). It freaked me out a little.

cane toad (only ours is bigger and uglier)

When I could finally get Spicy out of the way, I got a better look. It was a very large cane toad (the size of a small cantaloupe). Off and on throughout the day I would catch Spicy digging at the toad again. It turned its back and hunkered down deep in the hedge. Spicy’s nails will never be able to penetrate that bumpy, leathery-tough skin.

My only fear now is that if Spicy actually gets a piece of that toad, she’s in for some serious hurt. Cane toads have poisonous glands that can kill other animals. Now not only am I frustrated by a barking dog, I’ve got to keep an eye out for a big, fat toad.

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2 comments on “Toad Is Driving the Dog Nuts
  1. JMac says:

    Is this the BIG, BIG Toad? I’ve heard about him, but never seen him. 🙂 Maybe on the next trip!

  2. Angela says:

    Yes, Janet, this is the BIG ONE. One of several actually. One, sadly, was found the other day on the street out front, no longer FAT–very FLAT!

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