Two Turtledoves (No partridge/pear tree-only a palm.)

A pair of mourning doves has found a spot in the palm tree right outside our bedroom window. About three times a day they roost and coo up a storm–nonstop for about a half an hour.

dove outside our window

Sometimes it is precious to see them together milling about on the branches. At other times it gets a little annoying. That was especially true this morning at 6:30 (Saturday, and the only day to sleep in!). One of the pair decided to sit on a fan blade underneath the patio and go on and on with his woo-ooo-oo-ing.

This daily lesson from nature brings to mind one of my favorite things since moving to Costa Rica. The family is nearly always together. Back in Plano, there were some days when I might see Steve and/or the kids for less than 30 minutes a day. After working, getting dinner on the table, and then cleanup, everyone went their separate ways. There were more TVs than people in the house. Everyone had their own computers. And any and all could disappear to their rooms never to be seen until morning.

We lived in a 4,000+ square foot house and could hide from one another. Our new home in Costa Rica is about 1,300 square feet. We still all have our own bedrooms and computers (laptops for homeschool), but there is only one TV and, apart from the bedrooms, there is one open common room (living, dining, kitchen). We see each other nearly every minute of the day. We play more board games (especially when the power is out [three times this morning, about an hour each time]). We talk and laugh and enjoy one another’s company.

It’s like the pair of doves. Some days it is so precious. And there are those occasional times when the four walls seem to close in and someone becomes annoying:) Not so today. We are enjoying being together. It looks like rain is on the way. And before the power goes out yet again, I’m making meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and chocolate cake for desert (woo-ooo-oo!).

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2 comments on “Two Turtledoves (No partridge/pear tree-only a palm.)
  1. Sounds so peaceful. Quite a different life than from hectic Plano, Texas!

    I don’t always have time, here, to read what all of you are saying… but the your title caught my eye, and I’m glad I read it.

    Thanks for blogging! Keep up the good work and good foo!. Sounds DELISH! ;))

  2. Well, it appears I typed tooooo fast. I should spell checked!

    Meant to say your blog title caught my eye about the doves…. and keep up the good work and good FOOD! LOL – goes to show…. this life is hectic, here! 😉

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