Strays May Stay

David and Stephanie like cats. Problem. Steve’s allergic. We tried once before to care for a kitten we found outside the church. We named it “Grace.” It was alone, cold, and malnourished. We took the black kitten home and cared for it for about six months. Steve was a good sport, but his allergies were making him miserable. We took the small cat to the McKinney animal shelter were it was immediately adopted by a woman who had lost her pet/companion cat of 17 years.

A few days ago, when David and I were outside to check on what the dog was barking at, the flashlight beam revealed a large set of eyes and a couple of small ones. They were in the bushes behind a shed on the corner of our property. Upon closer inspection we discovered a momma tabby with two young kittens.

We’ve been leaving food and water out for two days now. This evening, the mother cat let us pet her. She looks clean and in good condition, but a little on the thin side. The kittens look very healthy. The kittens are still skittish and the mom is very protective.

I think it will work for the momma cat and her babies to stay outside where they can be loved on and petted by the cat lovers who appreciate them. Steve can see them, but not be bothered by their remaining outside. The shed offers a safe, warm place where larger animals (including Spicy) can’t get to them.

Several Tico families both have and suggest that we get a cat. They say the cats are especially good for getting rid of scorpions. Yay! I hope the momma and babies stick around. The Ezells would love to take one of the kittens when it gets a little bigger.

If the cat/kittens hang around (which I think is highly likely since we continue to feed them), we’ll have to decide on names. Any suggestions for a gray tabby mom and two kitties? Pictures to come once they get a little more used to us.

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2 comments on “Strays May Stay
  1. Janet Maccubbin says:

    You guys really need to analyze the impacts of the titles of your blogs! I saw this and immediately thought that you were talking about Steve and Stephanie staying in Dallas! Whew! So glad to see that is NOT the case. I’m praying the auction goes really well tonight!

  2. Steve Lucas says:

    Okay, for the kitties how about Itchy and Scratchy! And for the cat, how about Eyes Swollen Shut or Quit Rubbing Against Me?

    Just kidding! Can’t wait to get home. Great trip, but my heart is in Costa Rica. See you soon!

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