Rain Emergencies

Last night, 12 families in the northeastern part of our neighborhood were evacuated from their homes. Police and Red Cross took them to the local community center where they will be staying. Their homes are in danger of sliding down the hillside.

We have been hit the last several days with a lot of rain. Most of it is residual due to tropical storms. It’s a good thing that Costa Rica is south enough not to get a direct hit from hurricanes or tropical storms because the effects would be devastating.

Fortunately, we live in a more plateau-type area of the mountain. That was one of my prerequisites. I did not want to live near a river or on a hillside. Many of the homes have fantastic, breath-taking views. But they are also at high risk because of frequent mudslides and earthquakes. Prior to our moving to Atenas, while my husband was out house hunting, he came across a  much more modern, spacious, and attractive home near here. The rent price was incredible. But, you guessed it, it sits right beside the river. I’m more content just right where we are.

We do have a bad leak in the kitchen, with water running down the wall alongside the refrigerator (only during periods of heavy rain). The landlords have sent someone out three times to repair it. There has been a lot of hammering and commotion, but the leak is still there. Tiny bits of plaster have fallen in Stephanie’s bathroom off and on for weeks now. A couple of days ago, a saucer-sized bit of plaster fell and a now-gapping hole appears beside one of the ceiling fans out on the patio. And after the tremendously heavy rain that seemed to go on all night, there is a plate-sized piece of plaster down in the master bathroom.

I guess it is a good thing we are renting, but if repairs aren’t made soon, the owners of this house are going to need to replace the entire roof. The water hasn’t gushed in through the roof yet, but with a month and a half still left of the rainy season, something’s bound to give way if we get any more severely, heavy storms.

Yesterday, while I was enjoying the walk home from the grocery store, comfortably swishing along beneath my wide/expansive umbrella, I was quickly made aware of the awesome power of God. The noise from the river was so loud, I couldn’t even hear the traffic going by. My heart lept at the rushing sound of the water flowing down the falls and under the bridge. The churning dark, chocolate-like froth reminded me of the many families in Mexico that lost their lives in the mudslides. How tragic! Yet, I know in the midst of storms, whether figurative or literal, God is to be praised.

When I finally reached my house and got out of my squishy tennis shoes, I was so appreciative of a warm, safe home–which is more than most of the world has. There may be a few leaks, but I’m thankful everyone is okay. As of this morning a lot of the country is not doing well. Please pray for those families that aren’t, and give thanks for ours that are.

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