The Homeschool Challenge

Well, we are finally off to a great start and getting into somewhat of a routine with homeschool. Thanks again to our friend, Janet, who brought nearly 100 pounds of books/curriculum from Florida.

The greatest challenge to date never even popped up on my radar screen. Nevertheless, we’re doing our best to deal with it and be successful. Attitude was my main concern. Thankfully, both David and Stephanie have taken on their class loads with excitement. They love the format. And I must admit I was/am surprised, yet very pleased, with their diligence regarding homework assignments.

Hands down their favorite is Bible. David is taking Bible Doctrine, thinks his teacher reminds him of Jim Carey (The Dumb and Dumber version), but appreciates fully how the teacher relates Biblical truths to present day living. Stephanie is studying the Book of Acts, Joshua and Judges this year. She enjoys Mr. Fitch, who always wears cool ties, is funny and balding. Stephanie thinks his teaching style is great because he makes learning Bible fun.

David also is enjoying World History from a Christian perspective. Stephanie can’t make up her mind on any of the other subjects yet. She says she’s not too fond of them, but I can hear her laughing, hysterically at times, during the video-streamed lessons.

Double/Triple the US cost

Back to the challenge–power outages. We’ve had a few since we’ve been here. No power means no Internet. No Internet means no video streaming. Also due to language school, we have to alternate morning and afternoon learning, (3 hours of Spanish, followed by 6 hours of homeschool). It rains every afternoon, often with severe lightning. We have to unplug. So many of our Tico and gringo friends speak from experience after losing thousands in fried electronics. So due to power issues, we are lagging a little.

Our plan is to do a few half days on Saturdays until we get caught up. We can also catch up in December if we need it. But I’m proud of the kids’ willingness to be consistent and successful.

Finally, another challenge is notebooks. Spirals in the US are about a dollar each. I used to get them at Walmart at the beginning of the year for 10 cents. Here in CR they are expensive–between 2 to 4 dollars for one 70-page notebook. Stephanie will have to stock up when she goes back to Texas with her Dad in a couple weeks.

Until then, we’ll keep chugging along. It may be a challenge, but I’m already seeing the benefits. God is GOOD!

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