Blessed beyond Measure

A couple of days ago marked our one month of life here in Costa Rica. Our family lived here for a month during the adoption process of Flora and Carmen nearly eight years ago. A little over three years ago when we found the girls’ biological mother, we also stayed nearly a month.

This has been our longest time to live here. I’m blessed to say it has been a wonderful journey to date. We are getting into the groove of daily life–still trying to get a firmer balance with ministry work, church, homeschool, and making time to build relationships.

This morning Steve and David are heading out to worship at our new local church, Biblica Iglesia de Atenas. We have met a few families (both US and Tico). The first Sunday of the month, the service is translated into English. And afterwards, all the gringos go out for lunch after the service.

Steve is going to meet with Pastor Oldemar today to invite him to be a part of one of the next Latin Pastors’ Training Conferences. Pray that it is a good meeting–that Steve will be a source of encouragement and build him up.

Unfortunately, Stephanie and I will be staying home. Stephanie was up most of the night with upset stomach and throwing up. No fever, thank goodness! She is feeling a bit better, but still looks a little “green.” We think it was probably something she ate. We have been blessed that no one has had any serious illness or accidents to date.

Stephanie (and maybe other family members) want to participate in Costa Rica's Little Theatre Group

Tomorrow night is a huge event for Stephanie, so we hope she recovers fully between now and then. The Little Theatre Group is having an open house. Stephanie wants to get involved and possibly audition for a role in the upcoming production of “Steel Magnolias.” She has been looking forward to it for a few weeks now, and I would be sad for her if she wasn’t able to go. We were hoping she could form some friendships through this activity, since it is something for which she has such a passion.

There is laundry that needs to be done, Spicy left muddy footprints on the tile that need to be mopped, the bathrooms are a little grimy; but it’s Sunday. All those things can wait. I’m going to love on my baby girl and spend some sweet time trying to make her feel better.

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