Small World in a Zumba Class

Physical well being is given emphasis in our pastors’ retreat and renewal training weekends. I want to lose another twenty pounds to be at my pre-wedding weight (that was just over twenty years ago). All the other adults on the ministry team have joined one of the three local gyms. They have been faithful in attending so far, and the results are beginning to show.

I don’t do gyms. In my past, I think they’ve discouraged more than encouraged me. Weights, while they are beneficial, seem tedious. I just want to tone up a little. What I really enjoy is stretching–more like Yoga and Pilates.

Way more fun than I thought it would be!

Well, as of yesterday, I think I have found my new workout routine. Kelly Ezell and I were invited by another gringo lady by the name of Penny to attend a local Zumba class. It was fantastic–just the thing for me.

Kelly and I waited on the corner at 7:30 for Penny to pick us up. When we got in the car, Penny proceeded to take her two younger children to school. I immediately guessed correctly that her daughter Brooke must be in the fourth grade. I’m usually right about it–it’s a calling and gift that God has given me. I’m just drawn to that age-group to teach and minister. There are volunteer opportunities in the schools, but I’ll wait until we are a little more settled before jumping in.

Back to the Zumba–there were between fifteen and twenty ladies participating. About half of them were US citizens living here in Atenas (most of whose husbands are here working with various businesses). One of the women I met has lived here for two years. Where is she from? Frisco, Texas. She actually lived a few blocks from our old home on Raleigh Drive. The instructor–from Florida–lived in Plano for about a year and worked where? Yep–EDS. What a small world we live in.

I’m so thankful that I now have this class. Not only will it help me reach my physical goals, but it provides witnessing opportunities and possibilites of forming future friendships–both US and Tica.

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2 comments on “Small World in a Zumba Class
  1. That is great news, Angela! Zumba? I’ve heard of it… I’ll have to check into it, more. Sounds DIVINE!

    I love reading your Blog, thanks for doing it!

    Keep writing & sharing it’s very uplifting! Tell everyone I said “HOLA!” (did I spell that right?)

    Love you!

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