Toilet Paper–Need a Roll?

This weekend seemed to be a big party weekend across Costa Rica. Even though nearly 39% of Costa Ricans are late to work on a daily basis, there are many others who work hard Monday through Friday. Friday evenings you will see many people out and about the town, dressed in their best.

Is this universal? This happened often in the US.

Saturdays are the biggest day to visit friends and family. Some kind of party was going on at the school next door, and a big party was going on across the street. We woke up Sunday morning to our neighbors’ home having been pranked by toilet paper. We did have residual overflow, but Steve had it all picked up by the time we left for church.

Any given Sunday afternoon, you’ll see many people, still dressed in their Sunday best, walking around town to either eat at the restaurants or continuing their visits with family and friends.

What I really enjoy seeing is nearly every front porch has a chair, couch, or table filled with people visiting. As you walk by your neighbors’ homes, they all greet you with a “Buenos Dias,” and the same is true for anyone you pass on the street. I wish more of the world would take that time to greet one another.

What I enjoy the most is that everyone you meet has a smile and wishes you blessings and goodness. And it is sincere. You don’t come across the abundance of negativity that much of the US exhibits. Stop and take a look at the first ten postings on your Facebook page. How many are positive and praising God, and how many are bemoaning their circumstances? I think it’s a pretty clear indication of the state of peoples’ minds and hearts. I just checked mine and it was about 50/50. I think it also has to do with your selection of “friends.”

I know not every day can be positive and cheery. I know we need to share and lift up one anothers’ burdens. But I also think we need to be more positive and encouraging. Not to the point of TP-ing someone’s house, unless that’s a way to lift up your friends. I do know I’m going to work on not being such a whiner, and I desire to surround myself with positive people. We’ve met a few of our neighbors. They have all been gracious and offered help if we need it. Refreshing:)

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One comment on “Toilet Paper–Need a Roll?
  1. Karin Sames says:

    Angie, this so reminds me of the many many time we tp’ed peoples houses with Steve. I even remember going and TP’ing my own house while my parents slept. and sitting around your house skeaming on who we would hit next. LOL. I love it.

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