Which Way Do We Go?

Apart from bicycles or motorcycles, I took part in every major form of Tico transportation yesterday. I’m paying the price for it today. It’s a long story. Check out Steve’s blog, www.yesterdaylucas.com, for the full details.

one of the many buses from Atenas to San Jose

A series of unfortunate events led our family in walking; taking a taxi; life-threatening, inner-city mahem in a stranger’s car; riding the bus, and back to walking.

Which do I prefer? Well, they all have specific benefits, given the circumstances surrounding purpose of travel. The taxi was to meet a deadline. The bus was actually relaxing. The walking isn’t bad unless it is too hot, raining severely, or if you’re in a rush (kind of like parts of yesterday). The taxi gave a neat opportunity to meet and minister to a single father (a really good man, trying to do the right thing by his family). The walking and bus ride offered a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. The crazy car ride also provided a chance to minister to a single father (a not so nice man, but one who saw his need to improve his life choices).

Given a choice, I prefer being with my family in our own vehicle. It feels safer. But it also creates a bubble-effect that prevents us from reaching out more to those around us.

Maybe God knew that already and provided the means to change all that. Either way, I know there will be times in the future when I will again walk, ride the bus or taxi, or even be in a car with someone I don’t know all that well. Regardless, I hope I maintain a positive attitude and make the most of whatever is around me. God is good no matter what the traveling circumstances may be–I just need to remember that.

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