The New Mail Box

The mail system here in Costa Rica is extremely different from the US. It is nearly nonexistent. Few street signs or mailboxes can be found. There are no house numbers. 

A post office is located in town, and boxes can be rented. There are about 200. The problem is that 1,700 residents live in the immediate “city limits,” and a couple more thousand in the surrounding areas. Needless to say, we are on a waiting list for a P.O. Box.

our new mail box

How do people find you? Well, our formal address is Barrio Fatima, Urbanizacion de Dona Gema, contiguo al parquecito. If you come to Atenas, find the neighborhood of Barrio Fatima, about 2 km from the main street. There is the neighborhood school, Escuela Fatima. Behind the school is a playground/park. We live beside the park.

How does mail get delivered? It doesn’t really. There is no mail, particularly junk mail. The water and electric bills get delivered and put on your front gate. It has been wedged between the gate and the door in the past. The problem is that if it gets blown away or lost, you are still responsible whether you received it or not.

We wanted to better our chances by putting in something more permanent. Steve installed a little mailbox. And it comes with a lock and a small protective shield to keep things from getting rained on.

Although there won’t be much mail, what little we do get, will have a better chance of actually making it into our hands.

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