Where’s the Beef?

Yes, the cows are still roaming freely around the neighborhood. Yesterday the Ezells had their gate open, waiting for furniture to be delivered, and the cows made it to graze in their front yard. Later in the day, while we were having cable installed, they tried to get in our front gate, but the cable guy shooed them away. Thanks, cable guy.

The cows remind me of the difference in the texture of the beef you find at the market. They aren’t grain fed, and the beef isn’t aged like in the US, so the meat has a different taste and texture. The ground beef has a slightly different color, but when used in spaghetti or other dishes, it’s not that different.

The chicken and fish are the best. I pan-grilled a fillet of salmon for supper a few nights ago. Sheer delight. I’ve passed over the tilapia one too many times. Next opportunity, I’m positive that will be an item in my shopping cart.

What I really love is opening the refrigerator and seeing so few “containers” and packaged products. The fresh fruits and vegetables that are so abundant fill the bins and sit along the shelves. I’m quite fond of the avocados sold by the pound. A single, large avocado in the US cost nearly two bucks. I can get a whole bag with five or six avocados for about the same price.  Yum!

buying potatoes on market day

When the shelves appear bare, as they do now, I know market day is near. Thanks to the advice of friends, we’re going to pick up some organic coffee, lemon muffins; and I’m going to venture out and try some of the locally made cheeses. There is also a guy who comes through the neighborhood delivering eggs from the back of his truck. There hasn’t been an egg scare here, so I think I’ll even give him a shot.

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One comment on “Where’s the Beef?
  1. I am soooo missing Costa Rica when I read your posts! Enjoy the market today!

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