Oh, My!

There are those times when things occur that leave you speechless. That happened to me yesterday morning. I wanted to tell you about it this morning, but the power went out for several hours. So, I wasn’t able to share until now. Some of you may have already seen this video posting on my husband’s site.

Back in the US, I would often be surprised by an occasional squirrel, an unusually large crow on the front lawn, a duck in the swimming pool, an opposum in the trash can, a barn owl on the fence post, a lizard in the garage. Some of the comments included proclamations of “Oh, look! Wow! How neat!”

However, finding something quite so large in front of my home left me speechless. What was even better was that around midnight there were loud bellows of mooing coming from the park next door to our house. When Steve and I went out, there were two calves trapped inside the fence, not knowing how to get out of the open gate. So, we strategically positioned ourselves to herd them to safety among the other cows that were still roaming the neighborhood. It would have driven us crazy to listen to that all night. There was a screeching bird who was doing well enough on its own.

At first it was hysterically funny, especially after Steve’s comment near the end of the video. But, even now, the neighborhood cows are mooing somewhere off in the distance. It’s not that surprising now. It’s kind of neat.

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