Wardrobe Malfunction–Not!

On this Sunday morning, it’s not that difficult to choose something to wear to church. My more formal (and I use the term loosely) selection only consists of three dresses. It’s more out of necessity than by choice. You see, in most Costa Rican homes, there are no closets. There are only built in shelves with very little hanging space. Or, like in the European-style built home we are renting, there is a wardrobe.

no malfunctions here

And,  Steve and I share. He gets three shelves and a smaller drawer. I get two shelves and the larger drawer. We split the hanging 50/50. It really isn’t that bad. I actually like it more this way. Before, in the US, nearly a third or more of what was in my closet I didn’t really wear anyway. It was more of a hoard mentality. Since there aren’t really “seasons,” I can be very selective on the things I do own. It sure makes getting dressed easier. Before, I had to dress more professional as a teacher, with closed-toed shoes or dressy sandals. Now, by homeschooling, I can just slip on a t-shirt, capris or shorts, and a pair of flip flops. I do try to dress nicer going out into the community. Here, in Costa Rica, people dress in their finest when they go out and about. I’m sorry, but I just can’t wear heels when I’m going to the grocery. I can’t wear heels, anymore, period. Another good reason to have more room in the wardrobe; flip flops don’t take up that much space.

Finally, while I do want to look nice and make a good impression on the outside, my focus is on going to take care of the inside. I’m looking forward to the worship this morning, even if it’s in a language that I don’t fully understand. I know God still has something for me. I can’t wait to meet the people that God is going to use to minister to my heart–and I may or may not notice what they’re wearing.

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