A Thirst for More

I find rest in the fact that God is my all sufficient need. In times of great fear, doubt, stress–I can cast my every care on Him.  His Word promises that we, who believe in Him, never have to thirst again.

Now, I know the thirst that is spoken of refers to a spiritual longing. But today I wanted to share a physical one. Here in Costa Rica, the most popular drink to meet one’s thirst is known as a “refresco.” It can be plain juice, but most often it is blended with ice, similar to a smoothy. You can have it blended with water or milk. Some of the more common fruits used are pineapple, melon, blackberry, lemon, and guava.

Coffee is enjoyed any time of day. Please don’t tell anyone here, but my tastebuds never matured–I don’t like coffee. So to get my caffeine fix, my choice is soda. Now, I know it is not healthy. And I hope to one day be free from this “addiction.”

drink of choice in CR

My friends know that back in the US my drink of choice was Diet Mountain Dew. I knew that it would most likely not be available here in Costa Rica. And I have yet to find it anywhere. I have seen regular Mountain Dew at Auto Mercado, but still no diet.

Water is still the best thing to quench my thirst. But to sit and relax at a restaurant or home, I choose soda. So when the waiter or waitress asks what I would like to drink, I respond, “Coca-light, por favor.”

Anyone coming down for a visit? I wouldn’t be opposed if you managed to fit a can, bottle, or case of Diet Mountain Dew in your luggage.

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One comment on “A Thirst for More
  1. JMac says:

    Its on my list to bring you, if you can hang on until mid-September. 🙂 I can’t wait to get back down there again. I miss Costa Rica so much!

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