A Time to Meditate

Throughout the Psalms, there are numerous references of David taking time to meditate on the works of the Lord in his life. For him, it was a method of praise, but it was also a demonstration of his faith.

meditation time

The same is true for me. Except, some may think it weird, one of my favorite places to meditate is at the kitchen sink. What?? Well, it’s usually in the evening, after dinner, when others are watching TV, playing video games, skyping with friends, surfing the Net, etc., that I finally have that time alone, with God, and a sinkful of dishes.

I don’t bemoan the pile of dishes before me like most would. No, my kids and hubby aren’t being selfish. In fact, my love language is acts of service. And there have been many occasions where Steve or the kids minister to me by doing the dishes.

But I like a sinkful of dishes for a number of reasons. Mainly because I take the opportunity to use it for meditation. For the first ten years of marriage, we didn’t have the luxury of a dishwasher. So, here, again, I find myself without one. But that’s okay. Again, it aids in meditation.

Many years ago, I worked as a camp cook. After meals, it would oftentimes take me and several other counselors/staff two to three hours of standing at a huge, metal industrial sink to wash the dishes. It was a great time of fellowship. The same fellowship can be gained after dinner if the family helps with the clean-up. But I would rather use that time of fellowship between just me and God.

Besides not having a dishwasher here in Costa Rica, there is a difference in the process of dishwashing. Back in the US, there is an abundance of liquid soaps/detergents, with all kinds of scents, degreasers, moisturizers, antibacterial, and so on. I really like the ones that foam. But here, there is another type of dish detergent. It comes in a pressed-powder/paste form in a little tub. I like it more because it cuts grease better, and it is much easier to control the amount you use–eliminating waste. A 425 gram container lasts about a month, whereas a 28 ounce bottle of dish soap was lucky if it lasted two weeks.

There are many things on the agenda today. I’m hoping to accomplish a lot. But one thing I look forward to at the end of a long day is–doing the dishes.

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