Trash Day

Back in the US, my trash day used to be Tuesday. You had to put two bins out in the alley. One was for recycle, the other regular household garbage.

Now, here in Costa Rica, my new trash day is Monday. Most homes here have metal stands (see photo) out front by the street. Someone from the city comes and collects it. However, since I’m in a fairly newer neighborhood, the city doesn’t collect. A wonderful man named Mario, who also does the landscaping every two weeks, has graciously offered to pick it up and take it away for us. Hopefully, city service will extend to our street soon. I’m very grateful to Mario until that time comes.

Do I like this arrangement? Other than having to rely on someone else to get rid of my trash, it’s not so bad. It does make it easy for “critters” to forage through, which I have seen on occasion throughout town (not yet here, thank goodness).

The rave is that now I have started my own composting. The benefits are that it cuts the trash by at least a third. I’ll also soon have something great to add to the new plantings I have planned.

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